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i don't think most people know what volume leveling is or means, so i'd say replay gain instead, as that is actually mentioned in the prefs and other areas of the app/tags, unlike "volume leveling." (they won't know what RG is either, but at least they might have seen it)

you can also apply RG via the center top file info window's buttons, but this is not best practices, since if you have multiple tracks from the same album, you need to do them all at once to get the right album RG level. so anytime multiple tracks from one album are being done, they should all be done together to get the right album RG setting. in addition, album tags must be present, (and maybe some combo of other tags depending of different factors).

you say "the results of the analysis are never shown." well, first they are in the tags, and in the ML columns if selected. but those analysis results can be shown if they are applied manually, so you can see them prior to application.

also, i do not believe winamp allows the user to remove just RG values, at least from id3. you'd have to delete the whole tag. a better undo is to just deactivate the RG feature in winamp, or use mp3tag to delete the RG values.

i would never use mp3gain b/c i do not want to impose or use APE tags on my files, and i would not want to need them to undo changes. imo, id3 works best with mp3, APE causes trouble.

mp3gain IS useful for situations where the user must adjust the data itself, b/c normal RG is not supported, but in such a case, i would adjust my hardware/software first, before i started applying mp3gain and APE to all my files. there's no question that i have DL'd mp3s that had mp3gain applied and i am stuck with them that way b/c the ape tags are gone.

you could also explain that all RG does is change the volume, but it changes it across the whole track. and the other tag it uses, peak value, is what it uses to prevent clipping.

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