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One more thing

A million years ago, I was inspired by a skin called "Super Mario Bros. AMP" by a skinner called The Warlock. I found it on The Mushroom Kingdom long before I ever came to this site. Despite the fact that I didn't have the download speeds to make mp3's practical, and barely had the processing power to play them, I was so mesmerized by the skin and the possibilities it implied, that I became a bit obsessed with the hobby.

Years later, I was honored to be the one to update the skin for Winamp 5, to ensure that it remained available to inspire others.

So now, with coming to some sort of an ending, I'm going back and ripping off / paying tribute to the skin that inspired me. I'm not remixing it as dramatically as I did when I remade JJPotter's SMB3 skin into a World 2-themed remix... This will be more like when I updated my own 8-bit SMB2 skin with 16-bit graphics. I'm improving the animations a bit where I feel it's appropriate, but for the static skin I wanted to maintain the original layout as much as possible, rather than adding the level of busy-ness that usually fills my skins.

Here's what I have so far:

I don't think this would have passed the skin submission guidelines, since I don't have permission from the original author, but I also don't imagine there'd be much point in submitting it by this point anyway. Once it's done I'll post the download in this thread, and once the community decides where it's migrating, I'll be happy to repost it there.

Shout-outs to the other retro game skinners, JJPotter, T Mrym, Hank Richie, Anel Sanchez, Darkwing Skinz, Steven Vander Giessen, B Manintveld, anybody else who I missed. Also high fives to the community members who've supported my nonsense, Mr Jones, Mike-db, Stillwater, garetjax, flatmatt, Widdykats, Veroka, simon snowflake, Wildrose-Wally, and so many many many others here. Also finally a shout-out to skinners like Steve Moss, Richard Pettifer, Xenosomething, and the aforementioned Stillwater for setting a really high bar for detailed, internally-consistent skins that made me want to improve my own original art. I'm sure there are tons of people that I'm leaving out... Feel free to say "hey, what about me!" and I will shout-out to you as well. But the point is, this community and this hobby in general are amazing, and it's sad to see it go.

Keep living the dream.


I'll post the finished version soon.

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