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@everyone: the YP connection issues are being looked into (as i'm now able to replicate an issue from one of my test setups) and i've added it to the first post as a known issue for the time being.

Geeque112: it could be the connection issue being seen or it could be something else. without you checking the DNAS logs and providing the error message (if there is anything obvious) then it's hard to otherwise know what the issue is for you.

beyers: it's a temporary site so until it's decided what there will be on the proper replacement, there is no on-site player like there used to be (as the old one had a lot of issues and needed to be removed / replaced anyway).

what you can do, is copy the link for the listing, change .pls to .m3u and then add the altered link into WMP (as it supports m3u but not pls). not that WMP supports it, but .xspf also works as a playlist type now.

dotme: as it's not finalised on the number of servers, etc i'm not going to provide specific IP addresses (though it's easy enough to determine them for the case you're trying to deal with - though i'm reviewing the Directory Tester handling in relation to some of the cases where it fails so handling may change a little bit).

bourbontobeale: i've tried to describe why and what needs to be done in but the simple option is it's expected that it's not acting like the old site had (and will have to wait and see what happens when a proper site is provided).

isaacl: it's a temporary site so a lot of things are not going to work as ideally as they would be liked - all of which should be resolved when the proper site is provided (as what's up there at the moment was a very quickly put together solution).
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