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Originally Posted by Eric de Noorman View Post
What's the use of putting back the old player ?
the player download being returned is just a temporary thing which was felt best to do to help easy the transition (as no one on the new team knew how much it was used anyway) and so things were restored as best as can be once more critical issues were fixed (i.e. the main YP connectivity issues from yesterday) before everything else remaining to be done (i.e. a proper replacement website) can be done.

Originally Posted by Eric de Noorman View Post
I removed it already from my site & I can't get it back as I can't even log in properly.
the suggested way is to use a different flash / HTML5 player over what had been provided by AOL. as whatever the case, it was going to be killed off in its current state as things have moved on a lot since it was first made and the viable options (including HTML5 players) means it's deficiencies stand out more than they ever did.

Originally Posted by Eric de Noorman View Post
Please come up with a clear & understandable sulution. Also pls (!) make sure we get informed if you plan to create new troubles next time.
despite what people are thinking, we are not intentionally trying to break things and as things are happening, they are being informed either via the forums or will be done via other means once things are fully setup. we are fully aware that peoples stations are the most important thing to them and that any disruption is never liked, though as i'll explain below, most things have transitioned as seemlessly as can be expected (not much can be done when DNAS servers and host platforms are still caching old YP server addresses for example).

as we're trying to go from zero to a working system as quickly as possible (it's only just over a month since the sale was completed) so it's known that it's not going to be as smooth as it could be and we can only apologise for that. but the reality is moving a whole platform from one owner to another was going to have some issues no matter what was able to be ironed out during testing.

and overall, it has been a lot less painful than was expected. yes some of the issues have not been what is ever wanted to be seeing but any migration to a new platform is going to have some teething issues - and for the record most have been ironed out in under 2 days since the backend YP / API went live. as the only other option would have been a complete stopping of the YP / API / website until everything is sorted which is not realistic when most of the issues arise with 'real' traffic loads' and would have caused _everyone_ issues.


as for the touch update issue (which based on a number of servers i'd been made aware off previously, has decreased in it's frequency), have you attempted a DNAS restart? does it later succeed to do a touch or does it only manage to do an add and then always fail on the touch update ?

also from looking in the raw listing details, the DNAS which i think might be yours cannot be accessed from trying to view it's public page so i'm not even sure it's the correct one / actually running to better check system logs to find out what might be going on.
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