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Originally Posted by Eric de Noorman View Post
Anyhow - do you have a solution for the .pls problem ?
i don't know what .pls problem you are referring to. is it a specific link you were using that no longer works or something else? as i don't know what your issue actually is to know what the solution might be.

Originally Posted by Eric de Noorman View Post
Can I upgrade to SHOUTcast DSP Plug-in v2.2.3 for Winamp (07/19/2011) ? Without creating more trouble ?
updating the broadcasting tools shouldn't have any effect on what the Directory backend is / isn't doing.

Originally Posted by Eric de Noorman View Post
"The updated version of the SHOUTcast DSP plug-in has now been released and is available from:
(Direct download link -> here)"
there is a direct download link provided in the official thread for the plug-in -> (as is the case for all of the tools provided so it's easier to get at them).

Originally Posted by dotme View Post
Even after restart, I'm getting the old mass-listener dumps on error. Station IS listed in the new YP so I'm assuming DNS is all up to date. Anything that can be done to fix the errors for those of us still on 1.9.8 would be appreciated though
and there i was thinking the v1.x DNAS was meant to handle YP connection issues, as i'm surprised it's booting listeners when a touch update fails (was never aware it did that). the problem we've got with that issue is we're not seeing it (i briefly saw it and a few load handling changes then resolved that on my version).

can you provide a link to one of the DNAS having issues and we'll have to see if we can find anything specific to it in the access logs...

also can you confirm if it's always after any add or it's just randomly happening so touches are working, just inconsistently?
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