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Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
Volume Leveling/ReplayGain
(Keeping your songs playing at close to the same overall volume)


A 3rd Party ReplayGain Alternative for MP3s Only!

"MP3Gain" is a free program that can analyze and adjust mp3 files so that they have the close to the same overall volume. It is a different implementation of the ReplayGain spec. MP3Gain uses David Robinson's Replay Gain algorithm to calculate how loud the file actually sounds to a human's ears...
I have been using this for years & still use it on all my mp3s...


Although I find it still works with Windows 10 it runs quite slow & is prone to temporary freezing. And since it hasn't been updated since 2009 (yes, even longer than winamp) I'm not holding my breath for any more updates...

Is there any other software out there that does the same job using the David Robinson's Replay Gain algorithm (or similar) that will fully utilise the capabilities of a modern Windows 10 x64 PC?
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