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I don't know if anybody is actually monitoring this thread anymore, but wanted to pose a question just in case. This whole replay gain thing is a nice concept, but I'm not entirely convinced that the Winamp implementation works. I am using v5.666 build 3516. What I am experiencing is that the replay gain settings seem to be completely ignored. Using MP3Gain, I processed an MP3 file using "normalization" settings of 82dB and 94dB, then played the file using both settings, while measuring volume with an SPL meter. In both instances, my max dB was virtually identical (+ or - a tenth of a decibel), despite having a 12dB differential in the gain adjustment. (While I am by no means an audio expert, I realize that the gain settings probably don't correlate exactly with actual volume levels - i.e. 12 dB difference in gain not equal to an actual 12dB difference in volume - but there should've been a noticeable difference.) What's more, if I disable replay gain altogether I get the same readings on the SPL meter!!! Replay gain appears to have no effect whatsoever. Anybody else ever notice this?
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