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Well im not really into car audio, im more ito home audio. Same with my dad. The way put it is that you spend more of you time at home so spend most of your money on things to make it better. Thus a good stereo.

My home audio system.....well really my dads and mine.
AR Speaker blocks.
2 blocks 80cm high x 40cm wide x 30cm deep.
Solid chipboard wood.

On each block: Two 8" woofers. Kevlar material.
One 8" Midrange. Poly cone.
One 2" tweeter.
Two EQ, with 28 channels on each. Meaning 32 to 18,000 htz.
14+/- db for each channel.
400W Amp peak.

Output in db. 134db. Makes this shake.......ALOT.
Tape deck with ajusable parametric EQ, 12+/-db for frequencies 20 to 150htz, 12+/- db frequencies 150 to 900htzd 12+/- db frequencies 900 to 20,000 htz.

We also have 2 300W papercone subwoofers out in the shed. We plan to do something with those later.

I have seen some very nice setup cars. It seems to be a big thing here.

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