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Originally posted by cppman
You need to make sure to check the box for check local images, instead of remote.
Oh, I am checking it in the config box. It knows I've checked it because it stops trying to get the images remotely. For example.. I play the following song: C:\My Music\MP3\Classical\Bond-Born\Bond-03-Victory.mp3 and does not show the cover art which is at: C:\My Music\MP3\Classical\Bond-Born\folder.jpg.

I did actually move the "My Music" folder out from under "My Documents".

Hmmm.. just tried also putting a cover.jpg in the same place that I had folder.jpg. It shows the cover.jpg one. So, it is not looking for folder.jpg apparently like the list implies. Further testing.. it only finds cover.jpg. The other filenames listed it does not see. If it's supposed to look for those other names, it doesn't seem to be.
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