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Originally posted by MarkRH
Well.. guess an apology of sorts is in order as I think I found out what was causing the cover art problem. I used the work-around posted elsewhere on here to keep the green "image not found" from appearing on several skins by copying and renaming the transparent.png to error.png in C:\Program Files\Winamp5\Plugins\freeform\xml\wasabi\window

I decided to copy it back to the original to see if I would get that to show and then the cd covers started to appear. If I switch the .png back over, the cover art goes back to being blank again (if it's not cover.jpg).

The remaining timer is now staying like it should as well .

So, if anyone has skin problems and did that work around with the error.png and transparent.png, might want to put the files back to their originals. Certainly seems to make a difference here.

Great work!
which is exactly what i said, its not a better fix, more of a hacky workaround for impatient people wanting a quick fix to something that should be sorted in each skin

anyways, this is a cracking skin leechbite it just gets better m8!!
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