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The main aim of the tool is to provide a backup function for all configuration files, media library database, skins etc. A lot of people have corrupted setting files or lost their settings and ratings, so the ability to create backups and restore all things later when needed, was one of the most wanted features.

You can also use the tool to port your winamp installation from one system to another. But if you move you entire music files, you must change the path(s) under Preferences > Media Library > Local Media > Watch Folders. It's impossible for any tool, to autodetect, where you have moved your music files to.

Independent of the tool, when you want to store your files on an external HDD, you better should use 'Nullsoft Portable Media Player support' and 'Nullsoft USB device support'. The file letter for external drives can change dynamically, when your reconnect your drive, while the USB plugin saves all settings directly on the drive.
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