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Sorry to be a pain but this tool is AMAZING and I want to be sure of 1 thing... does it backup 'play count' and 'last played'?

Also, just a little thing you sensible people might be able to help me out with. I think I have been a bit daft in having WinAmp installed on C:\ but having it look at my music library which I have located on D:\
Have just realised this may be daft because IF this greta tool backs up my play counts etc - in order to ever restore them or transfer them to another PC I would need to have 2 drives as the path to the files would be D:\
So in effect, am I making a problem for myself by not having my music on C:\?

Cheers for the answer to (1) and the advice on (2).

Kudos to the Backup Tool writers!!!!

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