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Originally Posted by DrO View Post
nice one, sending something when it's not been confirmed where the point of issue lays - way to go with wasting people's time. is no wonder no one else on the dev team posts on here anymore.

it was said that it's not clear where the issue lays and that we will check things on _our_ side first as the flag is related to trying to use Winamp's native functionality so it is most likely a Winamp issue but is just that the last point in the call stack is in the Gracenote dlls (that is all you need to know).

Batter Pudding's post hadn't been there when i started to reply.
I love a puzzle and digging into possible solutions. But I also agree that we should not be shouting at anyone, especially Gracenote and you guys at Winamp. This is a puzzle built around some known corrupted MP3s. And compared with the tens of thousands of tracks I have passed through Winamp's Auto-tag these few are a tiny drop in the ocean.

PATIENCE is required from everyone. Especially those hassling Gracenote.

And even more importantly - it is way past Beer O'Clock!!
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