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None of your music is in Windows Media Player. It is all in the folders where WMP is looking.
There is no import/export process for music. You can import/export lists of files.
You have to make any other media player simply look in the same folders.
Possibly some of your music is in your Documents/Music folder. If so, move those folders to the external HD music folder, or add that as another watched folder in Winamp.
Winamp can watch many folders in different locations.

Look at the file properties of anything you are forced to play in WMP.
1) see where the file lives.
2) If it is a WMA file, check to see if it says it is licensed or DRM tagged. If so you will need to remember to export your licences from WMP and keep them safe, or in future you will not be able to play the music in anything.

I had no problems with Winamp playing DRM WMA that I ripped on the same PC, but that was a few years ago.

If Winamp cannot use your WMA licences, you will have to burn to audio CDs and re-rip as MP3, MP4 or OGG.
If your files are low quality (128 - 160k) they will sound worse if you rip at that quality again.
To preserve what quality you have, rip at 192k or higher.

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