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This false error message is due to the "gen_ff.dll" support file sometimes taking longer than expected to load. Currently, this file normally takes relatively much longer to load than the other Winamp support files. Loading Winamp during the OS boot-up increases the relative times it takes for the main Winamp process and it's associated files to load.

Windows boot-up loading is not an orderly process. Everything selected to load is trying to load at the same time. Of course, this is not possible, so some files are forced to wait longer than they would if they were loading without the competition from all the other files loading during boot-up. The sequence of loading support files is also not the same during each boot-up.

Before closing this false error window, you can use the Windows Resource Monitor to verify that the "gen_ff.dll" is loaded. Click the checkbox to the left of the "winamp.exe" process in the top panel (Processes) of the Resource Monitor's CPU tab. Then look for this .dll file in the bottom panel (Associated Modules).

Among the goals of the unofficial upgrade for the current Winamp version, that DrO (former official Winamp developer) is working on, is to improve the Winamp support files loading process and decrease the time it takes for them to load and unload. DrO is currently looking for people to test the current beta version of his upgrade (

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