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Just popping this up again. Any chance of moving to lzma2 (both Nsis and Nsisbi). Even most notebooks are now quadcore, 8 threads, and Nsis installers are painfully slow.

On my notebook the speed of unpacking via nsis7z for external files is about 10x the speed of nsis unpacking lzma. Packing is about 5x slower. I really cannot understand why NSIS and NSISBI cannot move to lzma2. Multi Processor support is soo soo needed. Also as it saves battery on notebooks. Notebooks are way more efficient using multicore over singlecore..

(I create every week about 400GB of nsis installers. and external files are just much more cumbersome compared to offering all in one file). For an average download speed of 50Mbit lzma2 is overall way faster than lz4 (time downloading and time unpacking combined). Yes if you have a 1000mbit line then lz4 is the answer. But very few people do (and it creates much more load on the server).

The exception to use lzma2 /lzma is not needed anymore AFAIK - so it would be great to upgrade from lzma to lzma2.
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