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I know of the application-sharing capabilities of Netmeeting, but that's very rudimentary. You can only share applications that are displaying on the local display also.

Same goes for VNC.

In both cases, you can't use VNC/Netmeeting as one remote display, while Milkdrop displays on the local monitor.

I'm not even sure if you could do this with NT Terminal Server, as the Win32 API just doesn't support applications choosing which display they want to connect to.

I only had to change 2 lines of code to have G-Force use a display other than the one used by XMMS. I don't think there's any way to do the same thing in Windows...

An interesting thought- Someone could code a seperate input/playlist management GUI that displays using VNC's RFB protocol - The braindead-ness of the Win32 API is bypassed.
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