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um Mr. Baggins? i believe you missed the point. As fun as FPS games can be they are all the same, run trough hall and kick an aleins ass with a gun. the only diffrnece is better graphics. As what were are saying. What makes HL2 or Doom 3 for that matter so innovative?ive played quake 2 and the only real diffrences are the way better graphics. your theory seems to be that we have a 2-D sprite of a muls's ass and a doom 3-d model of the same ass, sure it looks more "real" but if you think about it, its the same ass. All that were trying to say is that the innovation of games is gone. not good graphics = bad game. So unless that was some sort of Half life 2 advertisment. i dont think that post has anything to do with anything.
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