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Thank you everyone for your suggestions. Since I have free time this week I will try everything. Hope it will resolve this somehow.

As for :
Originally Posted by musicf8 View Post
I actually just tested encoding a flac to mp3 with japanese characters (in the tag and saved to a file with japanese characters) using the latest 5.666 downloaded from and it didnt have an issue.
FrozenGamer, try doing a clean install of that one and see if it works.

edit: appears thats where you originally got it... so not sure what the issue is there...
Strangely you are right, I downloaded the full eng ver. there and I have done a lot of clean installs (I will redownload it myabe it will change something if luck is with me ?) ... I don't know where the error is coming from :/

And yes there are no IDv3 tag in Flac files.

I don't thing the original file has a problem since I have converted them before using an old ver. unless something tempered them?(shouldn't have tried the new ver. T_T)
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