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Dj Mambito
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> "complaints about the forum software should be directed at vBulletin"

Well i guess moderators can talk to these AOL Ops
and mention that the forum software sucks ?
A little to much asked that i should solve it for you/aol !
What is the problem with you telling them that your forum-visitors
are complaining that the forum does have some problems ?

You could also advice them to install "phpbb" forum

Its free and very adaptable,most used bb around
it has none of the several flaws in this forum here.


While you at it...where´s the option to send attachments
in the public part of this forum ? how did you do that attachment above ?


This forum being slow (up to 60 secs to see any reply/action after posting)
should not be the software...looks like the server to me
hope you dont use some 90´s-nintendo-on-dial-up for that
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