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Request: Make AAC encoder compatible with iTunes


I know it's not really how things sould be, but it would be nice if Winamp could create AAC files that are compatible with iTunes.

Background for me is this: I just bought a JVC car stereo head unit that claims to support AAC playback. After testing the unit I found out it only plays AAC (M4A) files created with iTunes. M4A-files that were created with Winamp or Nero Digital did not playback (also LC AAC, 128kbps).

I know this a bug of the JVC unit and not a shortcoming of Winamp or Nero. However I have to stick with the unit now and I believe there are a lot of other people with JVC radios out there, too, who would also prefer to use Winamp over iTunes to create their AAC files.

If I'm not wrong this feature only requires an adjustment in the M4A header/meta data, not the audio data itself. Hence, an option "make iTunes compatible" in the encoding settings would be nice.

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