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sc_trans Skipping Tracks?

Ok, so today's playlist looks like this:

/mnt/music/8/80 Drums Around the World/80 Drums Around the World - Caravan.mp3
/mnt/music/G/Guild, The/Guild, The - Game On (A Bollywood Themed Gamer's Anthem).mp3
/mnt/music/B/Big Sean/Big Sean - My Last.mp3
/mnt/vault/Holiday Music/Christmas/Lord Nelson/Lord Nelson - A Party for Santa Claus.mp3
/mnt/music/A/Adele/Adele - Take It All.mp3
/mnt/music/K/Katy Perry/Katy Perry - The One That Got Away.mp3
/mnt/vault/Holiday Music/Christmas/Bob Rivers/Bob Rivers - Police Stopped My Car.mp3
/mnt/vault/Holiday Music/Christmas/Wild Man Fischer/Wild Man Fischer - I'm a Christmas Tree.mp3
/mnt/music/N/Nicki Minaj/Nicki Minaj - Roman's Revenge.mp3
/mnt/music/W/Wale/Wale - Lotus Flower Bomb.mp3
/mnt/vault/Holiday Music/Christmas/Vanessa Renee Williams/Vanessa Renee Williams - Oh Holy Night.mp3
A mix of the usual day-to-day tracks (located in /mnt/music), and Christmas music (located in /mnt/vault).

The trouble is, sc_trans is ignoring EVERY track that's in /mnt/vault for some reason! Yes, that mountpoint is fully accessible. If I FORCE it to play a track from there (using a priority playlist) it plays fine. But any track in the main playlist that isn't in /mnt/music is just treated as if it's not there. No error messages, just not played.

sc_trans version is drop 6 version 2 revision 39 (latest one that works for our system).

What's causing this?
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