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You had it all.... and blew it!

Lately i have been having problems with Winamp, for example the Hotkeys do NOT work properly, when i press J, nothin happens. I Clicked enable default media support but that didn't help either. The after restarting winamp, it seemed to work ok, but when i was on the internet, just typing like this, every time i pressed J, the jump box pops up! even when winamp was on the background.
Me, and i figured, many other people Like(d) Winamp because of the simplicity, and the jump box in which you can look up files in the list, or que them.
With this gone, i prefer windows media player above Winamp, and that really says a lot because i really can't stand WindowsMP.
so what now? i guess if this doesn't work out, i might try foobar2000.
Let me guess. That's like the 3500th time you heard that?
I'm not trying to be rude. see this as a wake up call. a revelution is very easily started these days, especially on the internet with so many competitors around.
I hope you guys will figure this out, and for your sake, i hope people will stand around long enough for this problem to be fixed, else it might cost you a lot of clients.

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