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Playlist Issues

The behaviour of playlists with WFA is, err, odd.
I'm pretty sure that cloud-based playlists not working has been covered elsewhere, this is about on-device playlists/files.
With the Use Cloud DB ticked in settings (default setting), any playlists I've transferred to my phone are not listed. Un-ticking this option allows the playlists to be seen and therefore played.
The method I chose to transfer the playlist/MP3's is straightforward:
Create playlist in Winamp. Right click on the playlist and transfer to phone.
Is this issue a known one?

BTW, my phone is a HTC One. This has a TV app on it and unfortunately the TV channels are stored as some sort of playlist file. Un-ticking the Use Cloud DB above regrettably lists all the TV channels in the Playlists panel. Obviously, this is not a WFA issue, but it's a PITA nevertheless....
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