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Any kind of tag field support

I would like to be able to see in Winamp any kind of tag field; via Options > Preferences > Playlist > Titles > Advanced Title Formatting

Right now it is not possible to display a made-up field. You can put them in Advanced Title Formatting, but they won't really show up

And also if a MP3 file has a value in a FLAC %DATE% field, that value is not displayed in Winamp. And if a FLAC file has a value in a MP3 %YEAR% field, that value is not displayed in Winamp

And if your wondering why I'm mixing those tag fields is: because I will not choose [switch to] a tag field depending on a what kind of files I'm tagging. I use MP3s, FLACs and WVs. And in the future I might add a fourth format or replace WVs with something different. I simply can't take into account a limitation of a tag field to a certain format- it has to be universal. Also doubling [tripling?] the same data, as a workaround, would be preposterous. And I also use some tag fields made up by me

So to sum up: %ANYTHING% should be visible!
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