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Originally Posted by Aminifu View Post
Are you serious? There is no way for Winamp to support a universal tagging scheme unless, and until, the various music file formats support one. You can use the existing tag fields almost anyway you want for your own private use, e.g. put a song title in the song artist field or an album name in the comments field. But how would people be able to effectively communicate with each other if everyone used the fields anyway they wanted, much less made up their own fields?[...]
Are you serious???

From what you are saying it seems that you are worried if I and my neighbor in ours MP3 / FLAC / WHATEVER THE FORMAT files have valid tag fields. Why should you care what tag fields are people using and how [and if] they decide to store information about for example:

- track number

- overall number of tracks

- disc number

- overall number of discs

In Mp3tag I can [in special cases with mapping] use [at least for MP3, FLAC and WV format] whatever fields I like or need to. And why should I for example limit my tagging experience of genres [%GENRE%] to those specified in ID3v1, describing a song as only "rock" or "disco", but not both at the same time? Or [as I really do it] with my own number code meaning "good for jogging" and another number meaning "good for kicking skinheads in the face"?

So I really do not comprehend the idea of Winamp not displaying whatever is putted in ATF in between %%. Mp3tag somehow does this without a sweat; while Winamp can't een handle official tag fields [%DATE% and %YEAR%] when they are applied to formats other than creators of those formats intended. And because of that in a mater of fact, I already do things like you mentioned: I have to use or example not important to me tag field %PUBLISHER% for storage of precise date of a live performance of a song, differentiating it from the year when the album was published, on which that song was published. As for the possible miss-communication coming out from putting there completely different info: I could write an essay about how editors make mistake or not precisesing enough info that should be later on in tags; how musician don't know how remix is different from a mix or an edit; how sometimes some artist are mentioned as a "feat." and other times it is as if the didn't existed, depending on a financial / promotional deal; etc.

So my own private tagging / nomenclature system, in at least that tag fields that I use, is more precise and true that many of those official ones. And I do work in music industry so I know what I'm talking about

And as such I simply can't take your opinion as a serious one
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