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Future of Shoutcast software?

Hello everyone.

I'm running a small shoutcast-server for a few friends, have been for years.

Today I was gonna look up some info and went to, which is linked from within the software. The link was unresponsive. I got bit curious and went to to see if that was up.

It was, and it seems like the people behind winamp/shoutcast has totally nuked the old version of the software in favor of a new package where it looks like you'll get ads injected in your stream, and you are limited to 128kbps unless you're willing to pay.

The documentation for the software is just gone. The new software itself doesn't look like it's downloadable yet, and the old one has been purged from the website.

So, was this the plan all along? Using the release of a new version of winamp, use that PR to sell the shoutcast software?

Thank you!!
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