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I'll give you the info i can...

Im running Windows XP using NTFS file system. I dont know if that has anything to do with it. I have several visualisation plugins installed as well as MikroAMP 2.0.

I was going thru the skin browser, selecting a skin, clicking on the main window, then pressing shift+del (the delete option didnt work in the skin browser for me either). It seemed to take out skins with similar file names too. For example, i had a bunch of skins with a name like woody(1).wsz, woody(2).wsz...It deleted em all when deleting one. As i already said, it removed every skin with 'a' at the beginning after deleting three or four.

The other removals seemed random. But it seemed to delete skins with similar names to the one selected.

It also removes skins that are in directories, not just .wsz files in the skins folder. I had my latest skin in a directory and in .wsz format in the skins folder. The directory included several .psp files (which i had backed up luckily), it removed both the directory and the .wsz file. They were both named differently BTW, but both started with 'a'.

Its just a suggestion, but perhaps it shouldnt be able to remove non .wsz files. If someone set their skins directory as C:\windows or something it could have a pretty dire consequenses.

When i realised it had removed all those files i thought 'no probs, just get em out of the recycle bin' but they were gone. So i downloaded an undelete program that works with ntfs partitions, but by the time i had done that it was too late, the files had been partially overwritten and i was unable to retrieve them.

Thats when i checked the plugin preferences and saw the send to recycle bin option. Im glad you've set it as default, people are too used to being able to get deleted files from the recycle bin nowdays for it not to be default.

Hopefully the bug fixes you've mentioned will fix up the problems i had with it. It will be an invaluable tool for me, as i have been wanting a function for quickly removing skins i've downloaded for review purposes but dont want to keep.

As for the average name length, well it ranges from 2 or 3 charachters to 50....
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