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I just came up with an idea for a feature which I would love - hopefully other people would too - but this might be a bit complicated to implement.

The feature basically allready exists in the visualisation plugin, Milkdrop. When you are watching a preset (one of many in your preset folder), you press + and - to change the rank from 0-5. Presets can be put on "random", so that after a particular time, a random preset starts playing. Now, each preset has a rating of 0-5. That rating determines how likely the preset is of being played. So if you love a preset, you give it 5, and it will come up much more often than a preset with 1.

This would be really cool with skins. Many of us have a lot of skins in our skin folder, but almost all of us probably have a select few that are our real favourites - and it would be nice if the randomiser could pick those more often than the rest

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