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re AAC+v2 configurations

AAC+v2, more correctly known as HE-AAC v2, is simply HE-AAC v1 with Parametric Stereo (PS) added. SO, there is no Parametric Stereo configuration for HE-AAC v2 ... as by definition, v2 has PS

I'm not sure what sc_trans 2 does regarding PS, but I know in nsvcap you can only select PS at 56kbit or lower

From what I recall, when I started playing with sc_trans v2, bitrates up to 56k will be HE-AACv2, 64k to 128k will be HE-AACv1. Not sure if it supports speeds above 128k, but I imagine streams above 128k would either be High Bitrate HE-AAC (up to 256k) or LC-AAC (up to 320k)

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