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thx a lot. But dont worry, on this explain i have understand some more.

But one thing i wondered. Why the server slots goes full automaticly?
On the Listener List i found more and more my own server ip. I think my own streaming server Loves my music and cant get enough for it own. But over some time all my slots get full and after that the sc_serv crashes. Now i have Banned my own server ip. But one of all my own ip entrys i cant delete (kick)....

Whats wrong?!


I have seen on my Web, that my Script to read out the sc_serv details (over the admin index page ), makes the listeners. This is new since sc_serv 2. How can i get now the Listeners an the max listeners ... ? Oh, and why i cant hear anything from my radio on My Radio will displayed correctly, but on play the opened popup will not play this stream. Streams from others will work.

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