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Android Winamp works properly on new Androids

Hello everyone,,
Last time I decided to install Winamp on my tablet, to have Winamp on other device than usually I had (always on Windows), and it worked, even if it's outdated. But there's a problem with resolution things on my tablet, all sings are too small, horizontal position of screen totally scratters whole main menu, and NOW PLAYING screen is not as readable as f.e. in Foobar2000

Is there anybody in here, who would help to fix this things through some APK editors and release some unofficial version of Winamp for new Androids? It would be awesome. It's easy to download it, just find some APK archives in Google. That's how I downloaded newest version.

Even ShoutCast works fine to this day! Good thing, that new holder of this plugin still let people stream their radios. But there's also another not working function, that can be deleted: shop. What is it, and for what? I don't know, and I will never know, cuz it doesn't work completley...
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