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When I briefly tried out DL 1.03, I did so, because I wanted to keep track of things easier. I downloaded a few plugins that could do playlist repairs, but for the most part (if not all parts), I could do a better job at it than those plugins could. Since then, I've pretty much given up on repairing playlists, and often opt to simply create a new one. Frequently, I have songs that play in Winamp just fine, but don't register in playlists properly. So, any playlist repair stuff actually makes things worse, by removing, or altering the entries of, these files.

Basically, I'm very unlikely to use any "repair playlist" feature that DL implements. The reason I bring it up at all, is because you said you rarely recieve feedback on some of the features of DL. So, I'm providing feedback.

What I'd like to see in DL (and probably will, once it's out), is the ability to scan for ALL file types that Winamp is currently registered to. 1.03 doesn't do that, for some reason. As I mentioned earlier, I have roughly 100-150 filetypes registered to Winamp. Less than 1/2 of those were scanned/picked up by DL 1.03. I actually think it might be an OS limitation, in the way that you've implemented it (just a guess, really). I think this, becaus many people have complained that when you click the "eject" button, and the "open" box comes up, that many of their files aren't displayed when "Display All Winamp files" (or whatever it is) is selected. The reason there's files missing is not Winamp's fault, but is in fact a limitation on the OS, because it can't handle more than 260 characters (DrO is more familiar with this than I, I believe). As I said, it is my opinion that this OS limitation might be what caused the issue I mentioned earlier (feel free to look it up further back in the thread. It wasn't to long ago, I think).

Really, I just want to use DL to organize my files more easily. My audio collection is a horribly disorganized mess, with 4 (or more?) copies of the same albums sometimes. DL would be useful because I could use it to narrow down, and hopefully eliminate, all that excess stuff that I don't need, and frankly don't want. It'd also be nice, because it'd make things a ton easier to find, when I'm looking for something to listen to that I haven't heard in awhile (I found songs in my ML that I hadn't listened to in over 2 years).

Good luck on this plugin. I certainly look forward to trying it out when it's available. Though, I'm not really sure how many of its features I would use. Since 1.03 didn't work for me as I'd hoped, I didn't explore it very much. Hopefully, things will work better in the next version. Mouser X over and out.
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