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playlist repair

Phew - nearly missed this discussion!

My two cents:
I'm one of those still stick with an installation of Winamp 5.13 just because of DL as well.
For me the playlist features are the most important amenities of DL. I prefer to do all my ratings and classification using playlists and the DL send to root playlist feature. One big pro of DL is the playlist repair action. Whatever the folder structure of your mediafiles looks like the playlist links stay up to date with just one click.
There are three situations i use the repair action:
-> changes to the folder structure outside of winamp
-> Keeping absolute playlist links up to date using an usb drive on diffrent systems or usb player
-> Transfering playlists to other systems with a different folder structure

I totally agree with jojo that this feature is one of the best features of DL and there is no plugin around which is a thousandth part as good as DL. I would be very sad if this one will be dropped.

Just one sentence which sums up what i wanted to say:
Playlist repair provides dynamic use of playlists.

Thanks that youre working on dl again

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