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Originally posted by Paparazzi
Ah! ok ... just took a look at them and yeah, they are broken .... BUT, fact was that I never used the option to "Find in DL" and as for the "Find on Disc" option ... it kept working ... every time I hit Ctrl+F, my explorer opened up with the exact file I looked for highlighted!

After you pointed the problem, I tested it again and true enough it took me to the right file! However, this time I noticed something aditional! There was extra explorer window opened in the background with the wrong file high-lighted as well! A little research revealed that the wrong file in explorer was opened by DL while the correct file in explorer was opened by DrO's gen_find_on_disk.

So, now I know why the problem with "Find on Disc" in the DL did not really affect me! ... Joonas ... maybe DrO could guide you to the correct code to correct this problem and there will then be no need to take this feature off (I mean if it can be corrected easily with a lil help, why take it off?)

... in the mean time, I continue to use DL with the latest WA

That is another feature that will be dropped as you can use DrOs plugin anyway. It won't be fixed
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