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Originally posted by Mouser X
Congrats on the big stuff getting taken care of. That's great news. However, about the auto-update thing. Could that be optional? For me, it'd be helpful. I prefer to scan my root directory (and all sub folders, of course) for compatible media. However, doing so isn't very nice to Winamp, because DL is almost continuously scanning the drive. I'd like to have a setting where it only scans when manually told to do so. I realize that, to an extent, this defeats the purpose of having a "dynamic" library. But for me, it'd be extremely useful. Please consider adding it as an option, at least (I of course wouldn't expect it to be default. In fact, hiding it under some "advanced" set of stuff would be fine by me).

Thanks again for the (potentially) excellent plugin. My trials with 1.03 have been haphazard, but it looks like it'll be great when the new version is ready. Mouser X over and out.
Haven't it always been optional? It was in the earlier 2.0 betas at least...
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