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Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
thought i'd point out the typo above, or at least, the redundance.
have fixed it and also in the DNAS thread (was a left over from when there was only a 32-bit windows version).

Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
also, i was thinking, if thinktink didn't mind of course, why not host his config builder on that way you guys could tweak it / update it in one place, and make clear whats essential to fill out and what isn't, for differing usage cases. users could then DL their config files, get auth-hash, etc... one online process.
isn't quite as simple as just uploading it (as much as it should be - will probably temporarily host it on my hosting once i'm back up to speed). however, there's other things which need to be changed around as it's still deemed too complicated and i'm not happy with the flash side of things, hence trying to move some aspects over to running the tools in a 'setup' mode like for the DNAS which just does what's needed to get going instead of covering DNAS + Transcoder.

main reason for that is too many people complaining about setting up the DNAS (not many mention the Transcoder) and so in that case, only something specific to the DNAS is generally needed. yes having the config builder able to setup both tools at the same time is something i don't want to drop (as it's very useful), but with the Transcoder able to determine things from the DNAS's config file instead of explicit setting of it in the Transcoder config file lessens the need for such a setup.

also i'm thinking the design of the config builder needs to be changed to make it more of a page like setup (as per the screenshot for the pending DNAS setup mode) as lot of the complaints are that it's just too over-whelming (even with all of the help information, etc).

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