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jdflorette, what's the difference in the top code and the bottom code? They both appear to have the same gamma id's and values.

When you post the theme code on here, first make sure the code works in the xml format. You can try it by launching the xml file on IE and see if the code loads up fine or if it gives you an error. Also, refrain from using uncommon characters with accents or other symbols on the code itself. Although it says UTF is supported it can lead to problems. The file wouldn't load from the 'a' character with the ring on its top. I had to replace that with a regular 'a'.

For some of you using Bento, save the xml file on whichever Bento mode you're using in 'Program Files/Winamp/Plugins/ColorThemes'

There should be a 'Bento' or a 'Big Bento' folder. Place the xml file on either or both.

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