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Originally Posted by Anouk View Post

I'm also having the same problem. Whenever I update my music library, I get multiple duplicate tracks within Winamp. I've look at the duplicatefile deleter software but that doesn't seem to be any good for removing duplicates specifically from within Winamp.
There are 2 types of duplicate entries (real and 'ghost') possible within Winamp's playlist editor. Duplicates in the library are 'ghost' entries that point to files that are no longer in the same locations (folders) they were in when they were first added to the library or playlist editor. Winamp refers to these files as missing or dead. There are several ways to remove these missing or dead file entries in the library. Real or 'ghost' duplicates in the playlist editor can be removed by using context menu commands in the playlist editor window/panel.

The fastest way to remove 'ghost' entries in the library is to use a context menu command in the library window/panel (Audio) that lists all of your music files. Right click on any file in the listing and select the "Remove... - Remove all dead files" command. You may need to use the "Select all" context menu command first.

Alternatively, to make Winamp automatically remove missing (or dead) library file entries in the future, select the applicable Winamp Preferences. Open the Winamp Preferences window (by pressing the Ctrl and P keyboards keys at the same time when Winamp is the active window). Look in the column on the left-hand side for the "Media Library" heading (you may need to scroll down to it). Under this heading select the "Local Library" sub-heading, then select the "Watch Folders" tab that appears on the right-hand side of the Winamp Preferences window. Use this tab to add the root folder for the folders containing your music files (or all the root folders, if you have more than 1). Then select the "Automatically remove missing files" option in the group of watch folders options. Click the "Rescan now" button and close the Winamp Preferences window when the scan is finished.

At the bottom of the Playlist Editor window/panel there are 4 control buttons on the left-hand side. Right click on the button that is second from the left and select the "Remove... - Remove Duplicate Entries" command to remove any real duplicate entries from the listing. Or select the "Remove... - Remove missing files from playlist" command to remove any missing (or dead) file entries from the listing.

Winamp uses several context menus for controlling functions and features. Explore, right click everywhere and on everything in the Winamp windows/panels to see what is available. There are keyboard shortcuts for many of these commands. Just be sure the applicable window/panel is active before using them.

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