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Originally posted by DJ Egg
There's also an autoplay plugin available, funnily enough, by Eggware!
Full details here
YAY!!! This plugin does EXACTLY what i wanted. I have a playlist but have not saved it to a file (well, not myself anyway) and for several reasons, saving the playlist to file would be inpractical in my case. Let alone loading it from the commandline.

I have tried to find a commandline (something like "winamp.exe /play") option to get WinAmp2.91 to start playing on startup and after i couldn't find info on the commandline options in the files in the WinAmp directory on my PC, i decided to hit the forums, did a search here for "play on startup" and presto, one solution!

Why do i explain how i've found this solution? Dunno, maybe someone reading this (and who has skipped the "how to find an answer" topic) might find it a useful tip for finding a solution to his/her question or problem
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