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@Russ / Gurt
Oh yeah, that thing.

Prefs -> Library -> Library options:
Display Info Viewer in media & album views

I unchecked that in one of the earlier alpha versions, doh!

Yeah, it's just an extension of the minibrowser (isn't it?), which has always been hard-coded to use IE (hasn't it?)
lol, Then again I wouldn't know for sure, because apart from st00pid Yahoo browser which came with my BT Broadband installation, IE6 is the only browser on my system.

It's already referenced in the Official 5.0 Wishlist


Media Library
U\ Option to use Mozilla for Now Playing

Another entry in Official Wishlist:

Winamp Core
*Separate Freeform and Classic skins in the skin list

Options menu -> Winamp modern -> main windowsade mode
Try switching it to one of the other options (unlink position/width)
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