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ah what the hell, ill promote my site

hey guys
whoa its been a while since i was last in here, hi to all. well u can tell by the name of my thread that im promoting my new site. its nothing special, just my personal portfolio and a news community [i hope].

- login system
- comment system
- news system
- upload/manage archive/portfolio system
- message system
- users can post articles/interviews that they have done up
- users can comment on peoples work
- site is themeable
- forum [to come]
- links to cool sites

well tahts about it for now. please tell your friends about it, wouldn't b too bad to get 100 members, would b pretty cool for a personal site.

also on another note, ive just started a project to start an art/music/anything community, much like deviantart, cept u can upload pretty much anything to it.

n e ways, enjoy the site if u go to it,

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