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Originally posted by kingo'mountain
RoH, is the expression "Spick&Span" also from English? it means something is physically clean, right?
Yep. It combines two nouns that are now obsolete, spick, "a nail" or "spike," and span, "a wooden chip." In the 1500s a sailing ship was considered spick and span when every spike and chip was brand-new.

Originally posted by mysterious_w
Hey man, your car industry will very soon be like ours.

Ford is expanding production, knowing that liberals running GM and Chrysler, even with a 30 billion dollar taxpayer boost is doomed.

Meanwhile Chrysler and GM are forming a joint project for a new fuel efficient prototype that has 3 horsepower, gets 1000 miles to the gallon. It's called the Anal Intruder! It doesn't really go anywhere. It just makes you walk faster.

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