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Originally Posted by InterMurph View Post
Winamp for Android is a dream come true, except for one thing...

I ripped all of my CDs to FLAC and MP3. I listen to the FLACs on my PC (with Winamp) and MP3s on my Android (with the "Music" app).

I would love to use Winamp to manage my Android phone, except that only the FLAC files are in my Winamp media library, and they are too large. I know that Winamp can transcode them to MP3 as it copies songs onto my phone, but that is slow and ridiculous, since I already have high-quality MP3s on my disk.

Is there any way that I can have two separate media libraries? Or run two instances of Winamp? I am running Windows 7, but I would like to avoid using XP mode if possible.

Ctrl+Alt+N to spawn a new instance of Winamp


Create a new shortcut (on desktop or anywhere) for Winamp.

Target = "X:\Path\To\winamp.exe" /inidir="%appdata%\Winamp2"
Name = Winamp Instance 2 (or whatever)

This will make Winamp save ALL settings (winamp.ini, studio.xnf, winamp.m3u, the media library database, etc) to the specified subdir instead.

Naturally, replace X:\Path\To with the actual path to Winamp.exe

Make sure "Allow multiple instances" is checkmarked in Prefs -> General Preferences for the first/original instance of Winamp
then also checkmark it in the Prefs of the 2nd Winamp instance.

More info:

Originally Posted by JunBringer View Post
Just a heads up I don't think it is recognising all of my embedded album art. It was added using iTunes though so that was my first mistake.

iTunes used to suffer with the notorious unsynchronized ID3v2.x tag bug/issue

Don't know if they've changed/fixed that behaviour in newer versions though....
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