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The sync dir for pmp_android has been changed to the Music folder by default for the next release.
Next release also contains fixes for reported playlist(s) issues.

Note that you can go to: Winamp -> Prefs -> Portables -> (device) -> Sync tab
and select separate playlists there.
Also be sure to scroll down and uncheck "Update all songs from my Local Media Library" under "Library Sync"
(we've moved the Podcasts Sync settings to a new tab for next release, so you'll no longer need to scroll down in the Sync tab).
Per the Folder, Excelent, glad you are listening to your userbase, guess I'll be buying the pro version again once that's released.

For the syncing, awesome... I missed the Sync all from local library, didn't see the scrll down option, the window fit just too perfectly. Unchecking that and my sync option went from 6500 songs to 25....

And I love the Sync over wifi!
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