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did you even read my post? because it's obvious you didn't understand it...
i guess my phrasing wasn't very good on the first part though, i'll admit that.

would you rather simply die suddenly and never know you were even possibly in danger?

or rather have as much warning as possible, so in case something could be done, you had the opportunity?

as for the meteor hitting the roof bit, i don't see how that has any bearing on what i've asked here either way, in any case, yes i'd at least like to have the knowledge that shelter is a good idea, obviously although i have to say just leaving would probably work better.

the simple fact i'm getting at here is that if the public is kept totally in the dark and never knows when there is, or even could be in danger it has absolutely no capability to react, granted how much good this knowledge may or may not do is debatable.

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