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Originally Posted by MrSinatra View Post
can you reproduce this 100% of the time, or is it intermittent?

what did the basic tab have to do with it? (i found bugs with that before, esp where id3v1 was concerned, which is partly why i recommend stripping all v1 tags, to avoid these kinds of incongruities. i basically operate only on the id3v2 tab in alt+3 these days. i understand why u keep them, but perhaps its time to retire the old player?)
I just noticed it, but it seems to be 100% reproducible.

After my initial vetting, I seldom have a need to change anything. When I do, I have been using the Basic tab to enter changes, expecting them to transfer to the v1 and v2 tabs (and subsequently to the tags) correctly. I knew some things would change from v2 to v1, like '01' for a track # to '1' or a long album name would be truncated. If I made a genre change, I knew I had to do it on the v1 tab also (since v1 and v2 genre codes don't always match). I was not expecting tags that were not changed to be changed (which appears to only happen with the v1 genre tag).

My old player still works fine (and has a longer battery life than some of these newer players) and I have others. Its only issue is capacity. Anyway, I see no need to retire it because of a quirk in Winamp. Now that I'm aware of the issue, I can deal with it. But it should be fixed, if possible.

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