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Disable Enter Key

I have a dialog With 3 buttons: Back, Accept and Decline - Within the displayed text there are two links (Not sure if the links are relevant to the question).

Anyway, initially the BACK button is the default:
${NSD_SetText} $mui.Button.Next "&Accept"
${NSD_SetText} $mui.Button.Cancel "&Decline"
SendMessage $HWNDPARENT ${WM_NEXTDLGCTL} $mui.Button.Back 1

The problem is, if the user CLICKS on either of the links (Or for that matter anywhere in the dialog), the FOCUS (Or default) moves to the ACCEPT button - At which point the user can press ENTER and move forward - The requirement is for them to physically CLICK the ACCEPT button.

Question: How do I: (1) Stop the user from pressing ENTER, or (2) Ensure that clicking within the dialog does not change the default, or even (3) ensure that the BACK button is always the default.
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