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Hi AndreWinamp,

Beginning with Windows 8, you must use the Windows Default Programs utility to associate file types with programs (such as Winamp) designed for earlier versions of Windows. Use the utility's option to associate a file type or protocol with a specific program. This lists all file types that have been recognized by the OS and allows for reassignment. Some of the types Winamp can support may have been associated with other programs. Those file types not listed have not yet been recognized by the OS. If you have any files of the types not listed, use Windows Explorer to right click on 1 of each type and select the "Open with" command to associate them with Winamp (or any other program on your system that supports them).

Do you really want Winamp to be the default program associated with all the file types it can support? You can always use the right click command to open a file with a program that supports it other than it's default.

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