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Hi Aminifu.

Thank you very much for your answer. I do want Winamp to be my default player for all file types.

I understand Windows Default Programs is the right tool to achieve file and protocol association related tasks. However I can assure the rest of file types are not associated to other programs, such as WMP, or the default Metro Video or Music apps. In fact, they don't appear in the list of file types recognized by the OS, so there is no way to re-associate them to Winamp. In this list I can only associate to Winamp file types that are supported by it and by other media players

For instance, I can associate to Winamp mp3 file types but I can't do it with flv ones as they are not supported neither by WMP, nor Metro default apps.

These "Winamp-associable" file types are recognized by the OS via the other media players (WMP, default Metro apps).

After I associate one of those file types to Winamp, I expect to see it listed in the Winamp's list of associated files, but it never changes (it remains always as shown in the first picture) although in Explorer they feature the Winamp icon and double-click on these files opens Winamp.

I think something's been corrupted somewhere in the registry, but I'm not sure what to change nor where to look for therein.
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